Logo Design - Is your logo design really that important?

Published: 09th March 2010
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In the marketing world, a lot of attention is given to the concept of "image", both on an individual product level and for a corporation as a whole. Researchers know the perception of a product or service can be vastly different from actuality.

When getting your logo designed, it's important to think carefully about what it will convey to others. Every shape, line and color in a logo will send a message to all who see it. Your logo should be different than those of competitors. Don't confuse your customers with a copycat logo.

Professional designers talk about elements of design such as space, form, color, consistency, and clarity. You should look for a unifying structure. The lines, shapes, and spacing should create unity. Balance, weight, and positioning should direct your eye across the logo and affect how you understand it.

Another element that is important for a corporate or product image is value; the consumer must perceive that they will be receiving something of worth for their money.

To build such an image through logo design requires the use of all of the tools a graphic artist has in his armory: fonts, color, placement, size, pictures and design motifs. Logo designers know that some images require a sense of movement in the logo design; some need the strength of heavy block lettering.

The Five Essential Logo Design Elements:

Long lasting style - It is often tempting to adopt a design that looks really cool at the time but that can become outdated very quickly. This leads to the logo being constantly changed. Your logo designer should resist the urge to change your logo design unless it is really necessary. It is only after consumers frequently see your logo that people may start to notice it.

Distinctiveness - It is interesting to note that many new companies adopt logo design styles that are very similar to everyone else's. Don't go overboard though, your designer should be sensitive to cultural norms. A really wacko logo design wouldn't do well in a funeral home. However, you should still seek distinctiveness.

Appealing to consumers - Your logo must be appealing to those who aren't affiliated with your company. This means you must test your logo design. Show it to your customers and see what they think. Ask them what emotions it evokes in them.

Conveys the right image - What image are you trying to get across to your customers? Corporate? Upscale? Franchise looking?

Legibility - No matter what you do, if people don't understand your logo design, then it will be ineffective. Who are you trying to target? Where are you going to be displaying your logo design other than your web site? Will it be on your letterhead, business cards, auto signs? Does your logo design put out the same message no matter where it is displayed?

In conclusion, your logo design is central to your company's "personality". Even if your company has a great personality, if your logo design doesn't convey that, then people may get the wrong idea and never do business with you. Within your logo design and company name is held all of your investments, because it is this clear, identifiable aspect of your brand that the consumer uses in selecting your company or purchasing your products.

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